Si Sepet Dan Si Manis

Si Sepet Dan Si Manis

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Hi uols. i knw skg dh kol 1 pg:-) Now i still lepaking kat mamak. smbil update this blog.

Never mind, tommorow morning im free:-) ptg br start keje keras. thehehehe. I ngh download some games frim android market. Boring2 leh i main game. Now i dh xbrape aktif fb. But tiap ari msti bukak google reader:-) i read ur entries thru it Sng sikit.

Im currently aktif bertweet. Yes. Suke gk retis2 popular tweet mcm2.More advance ngn tweet cos leh improved english language n communication skill:-) ahaakksss.

Byk retis popular yg sombong n dont want to reply their's fans tweet, but xsume okeh! Sort of. Aah, ape aku kisah klau retis xbls my tweet:-) i more happier with my own friends there. im making some now frenz from twitter. for me twitter more uptodate a bit mooorre!

hah! and of course im addicted to blogspot/blogger. br setahun je jd penulis blog. still learning process. and i follow mostly all b2b dan ex b2b blogs even yg dh jd mummy pn i follow gak:-) nk dpt byk info and tips. and today i will follow b2b 2012 blog.

Hopefully smua bloggers welcome my existing later.:-) Can't wait nk tmbh my listing b2b bloggers. Wait for me okeh!

Dan jgn malu jgn segan follow my blog too;-)

membebel byk lak kn?? anyway,sejak i keje part time ni i susah nk tido awal even bdn dh pnt gilerh:-( ade any tips x?? kdg smp 4am br la leh tido. dn pnh satu hari tu i tido kol 7 lbh PAGI!.GILA okeh. Mata i ni tekebil2 je. sial leh bsuh bju sidai dn layan drama pagi2 buta tu. ish..ish.ish.

Hurmm, i think ini je yg i nk i nk blk umh,try tido awl.arap2 i bejaya ok.wish me luck! will update later.

Till then,tatatata.



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