Si Sepet Dan Si Manis

Si Sepet Dan Si Manis

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Salam n Happy tuesday uols!
So sorry for the long hiatus mostly about a month! WTHoney lah:-)
So many things want to shared with all of u. Yet, im still bz like a bee. Forgive me.

Eventhou i x update blog kesygn ni, i do read all ur my blog and all entries everyday witout Failed. Cume i xde idea what to blog about:-(

Actually now im doing a part time job. Yes, to earn EXTRA money. I do almost everyday wpun kdg i rase damn tired gilerh. Sigh* but i had to changed my own thinking now. Stop abiskn duit je. But now happy face cos i already open ASB account for my own saving! Big relief.

And from now, i will update my blog tru my smartphone. hehehehe. About wedding progress, i ada discuss wth my love n i wnt to get married nxt year;-) But its only my idea. Im not spil it with my parents yet until all is READY.

U knw tht marriage thngs is not hal yg remeh. so, good planning n superb ideas mstila ade kan? What else? ouh, i think wanna grab a handbeg for hantaran mybe frm Charles & Keith brand. Later will inform uols.

About my car probs yg i cite last entri, u knw what? now bttery lak wat hal evnnthou just replaced 4mnth ago:-( gle la cmnie. maka, i blm lg g cri bteri dn speedsensor tuh! Majok jap:-( I kna intai bajet dlu.

and last but not least im Losing my weight. almost 5kg without DIET:-) cos mybe i pnat keje. mkn xlalu sgt. sehari 2x je i mkn. BUT NO RICE anymore. Happy:-)

So, dats all i wnna shared with uols out there. Sorry for the mumblings a lo
ts. maklumle dh lme x taip sbrg entri, gini la gayenye:-)

Thnks a lots for dropping by n read my blog. Take care DarlingS.

Will updated later. Tatata:-*


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