Si Sepet Dan Si Manis

Si Sepet Dan Si Manis

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mitos DIET :)

Myth about DIET

Myth 1


Low-fat or no-fat diets are good for you.
PhotoDisc - top diet myths
A low-fat diet can help weight loss, but don't cut out fat altogether.


Leading dietician Lyndel Costain says: 'People tend to think they need a low-fat diet to lose weight, but you should still have a third of your calories coming from fat.'
The body needs fat for energy, tissue repair and to transport vitamins A, D, E and K around the body.
Lyndel Costain adds: 'As a guideline, women need 70g of fat a day (95g for men) with 30g as the minimum (40g for men).
'There's no need to follow a fat-free diet. Cutting down on saturated fats and eating unsaturated fats, found in things like olive oil and avocados, will help.'

Myth 2


Crash dieting or fasting makes you lose weight.


This may be true in the short term, but ultimately it can hinder weight loss.
Claire MacEvilly, a nutritionist at the MRC Human Nutrition Research Centre in Cambridge, explains: 'Losing weight over the long term burns off fat. Crash dieting or fasting not only removes fat but also lean muscle and tissue.'
The loss of lean muscle causes a fall in your basal metabolic rate - the amount of calories your body needs on a daily basis.
This means your body will need fewer calories than it did previously, making weight gain more likely once you stop dieting.
It's also why exercise is recommended in any weight-loss plan to build muscle and maintain your metabolic rate.
Claire MacEvilly adds: 'Fasting can also make you feel dizzy or weak so it's much better to try long-term weight loss.'

Myth 3


Food eaten late at night is more fattening.


Many diets tell you not to eat after a certain time in the evening. They say the body will store more fat because it is not burned off with any activity.
A study at the Dunn Nutrition Centre in Cambridge suggests otherwise.
Volunteers were placed in a whole body calorimeter, which measures calories burned and stored.
They were fed with a large lunch and small evening meal for one test period, then a small lunch and large evening meal during a second test period.
The results revealed the large meal eaten late at night did not make the body store more fat.
It's not when you eat that's important, but the total amount you consume in a 24-hour period.
Lyndel Costain adds: 'It is true that people who skip meals during the day, then eat loads in the evening are more likely to be overweight than those who eat regularly throughout the day.
'This may be because eating regular meals helps people regulate their appetite and overall food intake.'

Myth 4


A slow metabolism prevents weight loss.


This is a common myth among dieters who are struggling to lose weight.
Studies have shown that resting metabolism - the number of calories used by the body at rest - increases as people become fatter.
In other words, the larger you are, the more calories you need to keep your body going and the higher your metabolism.
Clare Grace, research dietitian at the Queen Mary University of London, says: 'Weight gain occurs when the number of calories eaten is greater than the number used up by the body.
'Unfortunately, people are becoming increasingly sedentary, burning off less and less calories, and it seems likely this is a crucial factor in the increasing numbers struggling to control their weight.'

Myth 5


Fattening foods equal rapid weight gain.


Believe it or not, true weight gain is a slow process. You need to eat an extra 3500 calories to gain one pound of body fat (and vice versa for losing it).
Lyndel Costain explains: 'If the scales say you've gained a few pounds after a meal out, it's largely due to fluid, which will resolve itself - as long as you don't get fed up, and keep overeating!
'A lot of people feel guilty and think they've blown their diet if they eat rich foods. But, how can a 50g chocolate bar make you instantly put on pounds?
'For long-term weight control, balance high-fat foods with healthy food and activity.'

Myth 6


Low-fat milk has less calcium than full-fat milk.


Skimmed and semi-skimmed milk actually have more calcium, says dietician Alison Sullivan, because the calcium is in the watery part, not the creamy part.
She says: 'If you're trying to lose weight and cut fat from your diet, skimmed milk is your best bet because it is lower in fat and has 10mg more calcium per 200ml milk than full fat.
'Semi-skimmed is best for maintaining a healthy lifestyle if you're not dieting.
'Full-fat milk is best for children and adults who are underweight.'

Myth 7


Low-fat foods help you lose weight.


'Low-fat' or 'fat-free' doesn't necessarily mean low calorie or calorie-free, warns Lyndel Costain.
Check the calorie content of foods, especially cakes, biscuits, crisps, ice creams and ready meals.
Extra sugars and thickeners are often added to boost flavour and texture, so calorie content may be only a bit less, or similar to standard products.
Foods labelled low-fat should contain no more than 3g fat per 100g.
'Watching the quantity is important,' adds nutritionist Alison Sullivan. 'People tend to have half-fat spread but then use twice as much.
'And things like fruit pastilles may be low in fat, but are high in sugar which turns to fat.
'With low fat foods, look to see where else the calories might come from.'

Myth 8


Cholesterol is bad for you.


Cholesterol is a fatty substance that is made mostly by the liver.
It can be bad for us, because it forms deposits that line and clog our arteries. Clogged arteries contribute to heart disease.
But we all need some blood cholesterol because it's used to build cells and make vital hormones - and there's good and bad cholesterol.
Lyndel Costain explains: 'Saturated fats found in food like meat, cheese, cream, butter and processed pastries tend to raise low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol, known as 'bad' cholesterol, which delivers cholesterol to the arteries.
'High density lipoprotein (HDL), or 'good' cholesterol, transports cholesterol away from the arteries, back to the liver.'
So choose unsaturated fats such as vegetable oils, nuts and seeds.

Myth 9

Banana myth

Many people believe bananas are fattening.
Bananas are low in fat and are packed with potassium.
There is only 0.5g fat and 95 calories in a banana.


Vegetarians can't build muscle.


Vegetarians can be as muscular as meat eaters by getting their protein from vegetable sources such as cheese, nuts, pulses and grains.
Claire MacEvilly says: 'You need protein to build muscle, but too much can lead to long-term side effects.
'The body can only store a certain amount of protein, so too much can damage the kidney.
'The Department of Health recommends that 50 per cent of energy should come from carbohydrates, 35 per cent from fat and the remaining 15 per cent from protein.'

Myth 10


You always gain weight when you stop smoking.


Some people gain weight when they stop smoking, some lose weight and some stay the same.
While nicotine does increase the body's metabolism, its effect is small. It's far healthier to be an overweight non-smoker than not bother giving up because you think you'll put on weight.
Alison Sullivan says: 'Where people tend to fall down is when they replace a cigarette with comfort food.
'Chewing sugar-free gum or snacking on vegetable strips kept in the fridge is a good idea because you can have these instead of reaching for the biscuit tin.
'And something like a satsuma keeps your hands occupied until the craving goes away.'

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ask me questions about anything, dear!

What is your resolution for this year that never accomplish yet???

What is your resolution for this year that never accomplish yet???

Answer here

What's your favorite memory from this summer?

get a new smartphone and compact digital camera

Ask me anything

What song makes you get up and dance?

Everybody by BSB
Quit Playing game with my heart by BSB too!
I'm BSB die hard fan.

Ask me anything

party? or bed time?


Ask me anything

What's the weather like where you live?

rainny and hot spring

Ask me anything

How did you celebrate your last birthday?

Dinner, hanging around and also eat,!! hahhahahahaha

Ask me anything

What piece of clothing in your closet will you never throw away?

jeans, and tee shirt of course!

Ask me anything

What's the best present someone could give you right now?

A latest smartphone, a compact digital camera :)

Ask me anything

Do you have a special diet like vegetarian, halal, kosher, gluten-free, etc? How long have you kept it for?

Cut off the carbo, sugar and fat! About a year.

Ask me anything

what song would you want me to cover and post on YouTube?

I knew I love u before, Song by Savage Garden :)

Ask me anything

zombie, werewolf, or vampire?

vampire. ALIVE and immortal, young forever! LOL!

Ask me anything

What type of candy is the best type to get when you go trick or treating?

I'm not into candies thingy

Ask me anything

What's one thing you want to do before the end of 2011?


Ask me anything

Between the Hunger Games, Harry Potter & The Twilight Saga, which is your favorite?

The Twilight Saga.. Edward Cullen :)

Ask me anything

What surprised you lately?

my losing weight :)

Ask me anything

Ask me questions about anything

Mane nak CEKAU?

Salam dan Selamat Hari Rabu.

Hai uols. Kan hari ni rabu, sepatutnye just gambar je yg i nk tunjuk, BUT, harinie i akan tunjuk gambar dan story skali tentang masalah ni.

So, last week i dah selamat simpan duit kat ASB. Fuh!! leganye. Dari memboros terus tak menentu kan? Ape salahnye membuang duit kat ASB. Menjamin mase depan :) Then, hal menyimpan ni i dah setel. BIG RELIEF tau. Alhamdulilah.

Pasnie, i tak de pape komitmen utk bayar anything. All DONE. :) BIG SMILE. But, i di duga. uols tahu tak last few weeks ago, my car punye rear bearing kat tayar belakang dah jammed! Then, i dah anta kat bengkel. Tup..tup.. dah terbang melayang RM1++. So, i ingat dah tak de probs lagi.

Tetibe mase i ontheway balik umah pas i bukak akaun ASB tuh, nk kate bawak laju, tak pun. Jalan pun straight je kat highway. Tetibe my speedometer drop smpai 0km ! Dan bunyi mengaum gile. I panik okeh! So, nasib baik my lovelies encik tunang ade, i pun stop jap kat stesyen minyak jap. OFF kan enjin for a while. Huhuhuhu. mcm-mcm i dah pikir. TAKOT tak penah jadi cmni.

I know my car ni dah umo 5tahun, normally people will said, when ur car reach age around 5years, mula lah buat hal dan lebih-lebih lagi another 2 month dah nk abis bayar ngan bank! WTHEFISHCURRYHEAD! Pfftttt.. mengutuk diri sendiri sbb i rase dah la duit tak byk nk repair. So, i tawakal. Then, cube start enjin balik, so i asked my fiancee drive slow-slow smpai umah. Alhamdulillah, kami selamat sampai. Dan sepanjang jalan i berdoa. Dalam kpala otak dh pk ala, pas nie rabak lak duit aku! Dah la baru nk plan, tukar tayar belakang, services kereta dan beli minyak itam utk kereta next month. Nmpknya i kena PENTINGKAN pasal speedmeter i yg dah mcm tunjuk tanda-tanda nk rosak!

Nasib bukan RPM meter yg drop! If that yg rosak??? hmmm, tak tau nk cekau DUIT kat ne? sobs..sobs.. sedihnye. Yelah, i bukan KAYE dan mampu nk repair kereta je kejenye. syukur. But, walaupun speedmeter sensor kreta i rosak, itu sume duit ok? Kat penang ni i tak survey lagi kat kedai spare part brape harganye. But, i ade tgk kat blog dan web yg menjual spare part kereta i. SPECIALIST in my car spare part with affordable price. Which is not too pricey. I think so. But, still need to double confirm whether dealer/supplier tu ade stok ke tak? hurmmppphhh..

Tu satu hal, then i nk tukar tayar lagi. Tayar belakang satu bijik. Sebijik tayar i tu pun mau makan seratus lebih. Tak pun i cari second je. Tapi, yg masih in good condition and also great grip. Then, nk beli minyak itam, Oil filter, air filter, power steering fluids, gear AMT/ATF oil, I nk tukar coolant. i think i kena siap sedia duit dlm RM4++ or more than that! Huaaa.. nk nangis.

I nk buat checklist jap for my car thingy yg i need to repair and replace :

- Tayar belakang : Sebijik (bajet dalam RM160 - RM180)
- Automatic Transmission Fluids - ( dengar- dengar rm180+++)
- Oil filter - ( anggaran rm15)
- Air Filter - ( Tak pasti lagi)
- Minyak Brek - ( Tak pasti )
- Minyak Power steering - ( Tak pasti )

January checklist untuk servis kereta :

 - Timing belt kit   ( RM 420 - anggaran )
 - Absorber belakang 1 set ( RM95 - anggaran)

Fuih, byk gilenye barang yg i kena beli dan prepare for service my car :( maknanye, byk lah RM$$$ yg akn melayang! mane nk ketepikan bajet utk saving lagi, byar sewa lagi, bla..bla..bla...Adusss, peningnye kepala mak ni nyahhhh... haisshhh, tskk..tskk.. sedih la. Nmpaknye mcm byk gile benda nk kena p survey nanti di kedai-kedai spare part. Which is i'm not the most EXPERT person in this things.

HELP ME!! Sesape yg expert pasal hal servis kereta ni especially yg biase servis sendiri ??? please do email me at or u can dropped a comment here. Klau boleh bagi range harga sekali berape utk barang-barang yg i nk tukar tu :) Will really appreciated it girls or boys.

Last but not least, sesape yg tahu kat area penang ni, bengkel yg specialist repaire or even services kereta jenama PEUGEOT, CITROEN, ALFA ROMIO, or any other's europe, german car brand, PLEASE do let me know ok.

By the way, i nk show to uols speedometer sensor and sekali ngan meter yg drop smpai 0/km tuh!!!

Speedmeter sensor yg paling murah yg i survey harga dlm RM210.

Speedometer for km yg drop 0/KM mase i ngah drive!!!!

Thanks alots cos drop by and read my blog ye.

Take care lalingS ku :)

Love, lurve, lurf,


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Monday, November 7, 2011

Long Hiatus :)

Salam dan Selamat Hari ISNIN….
Huurrmm.. lamenya I tak update dlm blog ni ye. Actually I on je ari-ari, but suke bace updates from all blog yg I follow J Maklumle, I tak de idea sgt spnjg mggu lepas. So, nk cite pasal raye aji pun mcm tak syok bg i. SBB? I off day smalam. BUT, I tak blik KL. So, kesimpulannya I dok umah sepanjang hari! Settlekan my laundry, kemas-kemas bilik dan umah. Pastu tido. Lebih-lebih lg skg ni musim ujan kan?
Hahahaha, even my lovelies fiancée pun keje, so I just spent time kat umah. Layan DVD filem 321 Cinta dan Senario OPS Pocot. Mase kuar kat wayang, I tak tgk pun sbb rase mcm MALAS. So, bile encik sepet I beli DVD, I just borrow from him dn layan kat bilik je. BEST gak la cite- cite tu. I enjoy my time.
So, how uols raya haji? Ok tak? Of course ok kan? Sbb spent time with family and org tersayang. Nah, for me this year is challenge for me cos I kan anak perantauan. So, kena berdikari. But, malam raye tu, I dah called my mom and my grandmom. Happy sgt hear their’s news. And one thing I rase mcm hey, tahun ni tak dpt la nk rase lemang segera buatan nenek I L sad ok. But, I pujuk ati I, tak pe InsyaAllah, raya tahun depan if umo panjang, I akan dpt lagi rase lemang tu.
And i pun dah terima salary for this month. First of all, I nk list out some stuffs that I need to settle soon:
- Pay off rental – DONE
- Saving For ASB – Not Yet
- Beli tayar belakang – 1 pce (left side)
- Services kete (Tukar Minyak hitam, oil filter)
Ha, for my car tu I need to discuss first with him because I think we should do this fast. Because if we delayed until next month, I think our budget for hantaran kang terpotong! Ooppss.. tak mo lah cmtu. So, Even thou now I dah jarang bawak kereta g keje cos my office is next to my condo, tapi I still need to services my car and changed tyre. Yes, it IMPORTANT.
So, I think that all listing I need to be settle. Lain-lain considered blom lagi. I only list out kan yg PENTING dulu. Ok, KEPERLUAN itu PENTING dari KEHENDAK!
I will update later honeyS.
Thanks for drop by and read my blog.
Take care.
Love, jurve, Lurf,
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