Si Sepet Dan Si Manis

Si Sepet Dan Si Manis

Friday, December 9, 2011


Salam dn slmt mlm rabu...

Hai uols. I just back frm Tapak Pesta. U know Penang ada event ni once a YEAR. So, just to having a fun n release tension there. I went there with my love:-) Dah lme x mkn satey, so td we enjoy eating 15pcs satey.

Walah! Yummylicious sbb dh stahun xmkn satey. RINDU banget. Before this, during mytime at KL, i ONLY eat Sate Kajang Hj Samuri. For me its a good n delicious sate in Malaysia. The main reason is, Of coz sbb daging ayam besar dn kuah kcg yg enak!

Ok, end of story about food n Tapak Pesta. Tommorow im working part time start from 1pm-7pm. Hurmm..quit tough gak. Weekend also same. Oh, i xtgk lg gaji i yg i dpt from my part time. Malas sgt.

And best part is, i xsmpt nk join b2b 2012 blog. Sorry dears. Last entry i mlm td trus i blk umh. Smpt layan movie paranormal 3 which is i xphm the story:-) hehehe.

Ouh, last monday i tgk Filem ombak rindu. I berhujan airmata dlm panggung. thehehehe. I like Aaron Aziz soooo muchh. Watak yg bagus dn jugak especially Lisa Surihani acting yg mmg menjadi. suke dgr dia ckp english mmg so educated. Maya Karin acting ade improvedment. All the actors n actress doing their job well! Co


Back to reality,.i think i wanna find next chapter of novel from Latest novelist such as Cinta tiada akhirnya is continuing from Ombak Rindu story. Laughing at me cos im late to know all the stories between Hariz n Izzah:-)

So, if anyone of u already get that novel, Please don't tell me end of that story. Heheeehe.

Enuff for the mumblings tonite.

Thanks a lots coz dropping by and ready blog.

Take care always dearS.

Will update later. Tatatata<3


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