Si Sepet Dan Si Manis

Si Sepet Dan Si Manis

Saturday, December 24, 2011

C for Christmas

Salam dn slamat bhujung minggu peeps.

I just back from my part time job. Huh, how cold here cos rainning outside. Syukur.

Fo those yg cuti lame confirm seronok gilerh. But i phlun keje Besok. Hahahaha. Triple paid xkan nk lpaskn. Rugi2.

So, i knew that tomorrow is C for Christmas Day. Yeayyy, Merry Christmas for those that will celebrate it with ur loved one.

Well, i wonder yg Santa Clause i not Real isn't it???? Cume cerita dongeng je. By the way, yg dok bg hadiah dn letak kat bwh pokok krismas tu adalah makbapak. No wonder la u get the present yg u wish for!!! Only parents know theirs own kids dreams:-)

Well...Well...Well... msti seronok dpt hadiah. Kurang 3 weeks i will celebrating my birthday. How fast times is running:-) Sigh*

I nk wat wishlist for my birthday next month. Let see togather:-)

a. I nk DIET lg. Until i got my ideal weight which is around 45-55kg.

b. I nk KAWEN. InsyaAllah. Doakan ye uols.

c. I want travel to Singapore again after 17years.

d. To making a LOOTTTSSS of saving n money.

e. To rebranding my car. Meaning nk tukar wajah la for my car.

f. To henna my hair with dark brown colour:-)

g. To wearing a lots of maxi skirts:-) I loike!

h. To wearing more variety of colour for eyeshadow n lipstick.

i. To work harder n harder.

j. To improved my mandarin language n learn philiphines language:-)

dats olls la rasenye. Act adeg but too many wishlist sgt pn x cool okeh sbb takot tak terbuat. So kite stick with those yg i dah written like above.

Cey... Semangat sungguh kan i???. in fact now i think i moorree sensitive with my love. I dunno why. Mudah nk sentap k.


Dats for now sweetieS. Will update later.

Till then n tatatatata.

Thanks a lots cos dropping by n read my blog.

Love n Big hugs,
neeza daus

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