Si Sepet Dan Si Manis

Si Sepet Dan Si Manis

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Salam dn Selamat Hari rabu uols:-)

Penat buat part time job msh xilang lg. Dr siang sempat gk i skodeng entri2 bru uols2 sume thru google reader. Nice huh??

Long holidays msti syokk. Me like as usual, keje,keje dn keje. But, yesterday me n my love Off Day. So, smpat gak release tension enjoy movie Satu Malam Kubur Berasap. Eventhou filem ni tak lah gah sgt, but for suke2 dn layan gelak kira best lah. Filem ni seram komedi.

Then, both of us layan karok for 2hours wuth another 3of my love friends. Afterthat lepaking jp kat mamak n i go back home almost 130am.

Penat badan. Mandi jap then flaatttt terus smp pagi. Then bgn g keje smp ptg smbung part time n until now. I nk blk jap g cis mate pn dh ngantokk. So, that allmy stories during my off day time eventhou tak cuti panjang mcm us. Ahaaakkzzzsss:-)

Ehh jap, lg 3hari dh nk masuk 2012 ye. By the way, since Awal Muharram haritue i dh ade my own wishlist but i only nk buat my own birthday wishlist mcm my previous entry tu. That alls for today ye darlingS sume.

Let story about uols pnye wishlist or resolution.

Till then. Thanks a lots cos dropping by and read my blog.

Love n Big hugs


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