Si Sepet Dan Si Manis

Si Sepet Dan Si Manis

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cemane EK???

Salam dan Selamat Hari Khamis uols:-)

Nk update lelaju cos nk msuk keje lg.

Actually i need some advise, regarding savings.

Yes,i knew tiap org lain cara. I just need some tips n ideas eventhou boleh je i google kn??? Like usual, tips from bridetobe lebih best.

Ahaakkssss:-) Now when talking bout savings i was like.........U know, normally i will saving everymonth unless my loveydovey car wat hal. Itu mmg xdpt nk elak.

And i succeed to open ASB account which is most important parts of my plan. I tried to hard to be a spenderwomen i mean nowadays im not a shopaholics anymore. I blanje ikot keperluan NOT kehendak.

But ThePopLook never failed to made my day more fruitful. Thehehe.

Nowadays both of us less out for movies unless really worthwith to see. Less eat outside like fastfood restaurant. This is a HUGE steps.

Cut a bit of my bad habits which is buying at least 4pcs magazines per month only. Seldom go out for no reason. And ofcos i used prepaid than postpaid dear.

Keep aside my salary about 6 to 7hundred or moore than that per month. Collecting more coins day by day and also notes rm1 day by day.

So, at the moment that all steps i created for my own way. Is there any others ideas bout saving ur money??? Drop by ur comments or ideas here dear.

I thinks yhat allfor now at the moments. Will update later.

Till then.

Big hugs n love,


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